About Us

We are a team of entrepreneurs, smokers, and health care professionals that decided it was time to really BRING electronic cigarettes to the market. In early 2008 we began researching the electronic cigarette market, and in late 2008 we decided to enter the marketplace!

As users of electronic cigarettes over the past couple of years, we basically became fed up with the quality of the product that is currently on the market (many companies NOT even offering a guarantee), the outrageous pricing, the deplorable customer service, and a general lack of options. We wanted to instead bring a HIGH QUALITY product at a very reasonable price. That was our goal from the first day we opened, and it will remain our goal forever.

We found that the customer service in this industry was not as good as it should be, and knew that is something that the customer deserves and something that we will always provide. When you choose to go with 21 Century Smoking, you can know that we stand behind our product and that we will always be there for you!

We have so much faith in our product that if you decide you don't like it, you have 30 days to send it back to us, no questions asked. You have that right, we are offering a full money back guarantee to any unsatisfied customers. Why would we do that you might ask? Because we do everything in our power to ensure that we don't have unsatisfied customers. Here at 21 Century Smoking, the customer comes first. This isn't just a catchy phrase, but it is the way that we will always do business with you. Also know that we stand behind our high quality product with a one year guarantee on the battery. So what do you have to lose? Join the 21st Century of smoking today!